Sukam Falcon Plus Sine Wave HUPS 900/12V (With Bluetooth)


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  • Capacity               –  900VA/12V
  • A.C. Low Cut         –  185 ±10V
  • A.C. High Cut        –  190 ±10V
  • Output Frequency   –  50.0Hz.± 0.1Hz
  • Output Voltage       –  190V-245V
  • Charging Current    –  13± 2.0 Amp

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From the company which holds a record for being the only power backup company in India to file for over 100 patents, comes another revolutionary product – Falcon plus – pure sine wave home UPS.

  • ATC- automatic temperature compensation
  • 90 volt battery charging
  • Gives you the freedom to choose battery size according to your backup need

Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology Solves Battery Charging Problems

For the first time ever an inverter is technologically so advanced that it can sense the outside temperature and regulate the charging of batteries to charge them optimally. Equipped with ATC technology it protects your batteries from overcharging(by decreasing cut-off voltage) and undercharging(by increasing cut-off voltage). It is guaranteed to keep your batteries 100{fe74ae63bcfe9f0e9d86e1b1d0a910d7e8d17d536ab7a4bb5b930020806cdc9f} charged and prolong battery life by 6 months while lowering your electricity bill.

Su-Kam is the only company in India to use ATC technology in inverters. No existing microprocessor in inverters could take the ATC software so we have used 4th generation microprocessor which is the same as in smartphones and tablets. Falcon+ is surely a smart inverter and the only one to have ATC.

Freedom to Choose Battery Size Solves the Problem of Overspending on Batteries

Falcon+ is the only inverter that gives you an option to use it with a battery as small as 18Ah if you need a backup of 5-10 minutes or with a big battery of 180Ah if you need more. It comes with a dip switch which can be adjusted to high or low current settings to be used with batteries of any size from 18Ah to 180 Ah to give you any backup time you like – 10 minutes or 10 hours. Earlier you had to spend money on an expensive big battery even though you needed a backup of just 5 minutes.

Instead of spending Rs.16000 on buying separate small UPS for 8 desktop computers (as each UPS costs at least Rs.8000) you get falcon+ and a small battery for just Rs.8000 which can even run your other load such as fans, lights etc.

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