Goldemdal Extension Cord Dazle 2x5Meter


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Product Feature:

  • Material: Plastic.
  • Colour: White.
  • Item Dimension: 216mm x 180mm x 51mm.
  • 1-Piece Extension Cord.
  • Safety sleeve and gripping system.
  • Ultra-smooth rotation.
  • LED indicator for On/Off status.
  • 7.5m wire length.


  • International sockets.
  • Ultra-smooth rotation.


Out of stock

Gold medal Essenza Plastic 2 pin flexbox is a user-friendly appliance that comes in handy when you want to hook up a number of electrical appliances at one place. This flexbox can hold three plugs at a time. Additionally, it features a 5-m long that allows you to extend it to devices whose cords are not long enough to reach a wall outlet. You can easily carry this flexbox around the house with the help of its easy-grip handle. An interesting quality that makes this 2 pin flexbox a must-have is that you can also insert international plugs into the sockets.