Havells 30W Endura Citylite Platinum LED Street Light

  • Brand: Havells
  • Type: Street Light
  • Model: Endura Citylite
  • Protection: IP66
  • Optics: Asymmetric
  • Light Source: LED
  • Power: 30 watts
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Colour temperature: 5700K
  • Item Code: LHEWEBP7PL6S030


Havells India LTD is one of the largest electronics brands in India. Havells believes in quality products and customer satisfaction. Apart from consumer lighting solutions, Havells also provides Industrial Lighting solutions. With the same quality of products and customer satisfaction in mind, Havells brings to you the Endura Citylite. A platinum LED street lights that has a power of 30 watts. Ideal for most of the lighting situations, the Havells Endura Citylite can easily light up Roadways, Pathways, Perimeters, Boundaries and even act as Beacon lights.

With a beam angle of 120ยบ, the Havells 30W Endura Citylite Platinum LED Street Light, LHEWEBP7PL6S030 can provide light at a wider angle which in turn covers a larger surface area. And unlike most conventional streetlights, the Endura Citylite is LED which means that it consumes significantly less amounts of energy as compared to your conventional lighting solutions. The light has a colour temperature of 5700K which is ideal for streetlights. 5700K is neither too cool nor too warm which ensures good visibility in the lit-up area. Made out of Die cast aluminium housing, the Havells Endura Citylite is a sturdy street light. Aluminium construction ensures protection against weather elements and everyday mishaps that can happen to a streetlight. Havells ensures that the Endura Citylite lasts longer out there than most of its competitors.


  • Best in Class Light Diffuser – For a light that is going to be set up at a minimum height of 6 feet, it is very important for the diffuser to work properly. Havells has a highly quality custom moulded polycarbonate diffusion cover for the Endura Citylite to ensure that there is no possible chance of any glare.
  • Safe – The Havells Endura Citylite meets all the required safety standards. The Endura Citylite is protected against overvoltage, Short circuits, surges and even Phase changes.

A. Havells

Protection Class



Endura Citylite Platinum



Pole Diameter

43 mm

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