1100 W, Matte finish body, Teflon Platinum Coating
1100 W

Aluminium Di-casted with Dupont Teflon Platinum PTFE

Cord Winder facility is available

2 year warranty

1,000.00 1,125.00


  • Design
    The Aerodynamic design of Havells Adore iron speeds up ironing. The full length button groove on this Havells appliance reaches tricky places like along the buttons and seams.
  • Cord
    Havells Dry Iron Adore has a cord winder with a 360 swivel cord, which makes the iron easy to use as well as store.
  • Easy grip
    Rubberised Knob for Easy Grip
  • Plate
    The Teflon Platinum PTFE coated soleplate of this Havells dry iron is triple layered. This ensures that no fabric is stuck to the plate of the iron, while you are ironing your clothes. The iron has been manufactured according to the safety standards prescribed by the industry. The Dupont Teflon Platinum sole plate makes ironing completely safe.
  • Body
    Premium look matte finish iron



Aluminium Di-casted with Dupont Teflon Platinum PTFE

Temperature settings

Temperature control dial for various fabrics

Indicator lights


Power input

240 V

Power consumption

1100 W

Frequency (hertz)

50 Hz

Cord length

1.8 m

Length (mm)

260 mm

Breadth (mm)

112 mm

Height (mm)

124 mm

Net contents

Basic Iron & Manual


Thermal fuse to protect from Overheating of Iron in case if Thermostat fails to operate