• Design
  • Full black tempered glass finish
    Interior lighting
    Capacity 20 litres
    Microwave/ Grill/ Combination
    Microwave power levels
    Rated input : 1250 W
    Rated output : 800 W
    Grill heater : 1100 W
    Main Features
  • Convection: 1000 W
    Stainless steel interior
    Push door opening button
    Child lock
    Digital clock with time display
    Thermostat 230 degree
    Energy efficiency A
  • Rotating glass plate
    Wire shelf
    Inner Dimension
  • 564mmx580mmx380mm(WxDxH)
    Connecting cable – 120cm


  • This built-in microwave has a full black tempered glass finish. Digital clock with time display with a capacity of 20 litres, the KMW 5PJ has a large LED display with touch control.