Phillips Air Cleaner AC2882/50

Air Cleaner


  • Low noise at Sleep Mode (20.5dba) – soft as a whisper
    When in Silent Mode, the Purifier turns down its fan speed and noise level to allow a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Smart light control: adjust light to suit your preference
    Both AQI and the light on the UI can be dimmed and/or turned off avoid light disturbance for consumers.
  • 3 smart presettings for different airborne pollutants
    Indoor PM2.5 levels can increase far above local guidelines because of activities like cooking. Pollution Mode can accurately detect invisible indoor air pollutants in real time, and then boosts the Air Purifier’s speed to reduce harmful particles, gases, for a cleaner air output.
Air quality sensor(s)

Aerasense PM2.5 sensor

Fan speed indicators

Silent, Speed 1, 2, 3, Turbo

Material of main body




CADR (formaldehyde)

115 m³/h

Filters out PM2.5

in one hour, >99 %

Filters out viruses

in 0.5 hr, 99.9 %

CADR (cigarette smoke)

324 m³/h

Cord length

1.6 m


11~60 W

Sound level

20.5-52 dB(A)


220 V

Dimensions of packaging (LxWxH)

412 294 x 612 mm

Dimensions of product (LxWxH)

359 x 240 x 558 mm

Weight incl. packaging

9.3 kg

Weight of product

7.7 kg