Phillips Induction Cooker HD4920


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Multiple Cooking Modes
Multiple Temperature Settings
Auto Shut-Off Mechanism
1500W Power Consumption
Electromagnetic Induction Technology


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  • Safety Secured
    Feel safe while cooking at all times as the Philips HD4920 Induction Cooktop does not have any of the dangers you can potentially face while cooking on other avenues. The temperature levels can be controlled while you do not have to face any actual heat like you do in your kitchen. With no open heat flame, it makes cooking a safe and pleasant experience.
  • Efficient Cooking System
    Cooking can sometimes be a really time and energy consuming task. Keeping that in mind, the Philips HD4920 Induction Cooktop comes with different modes and temperature controls for a faster and efficient cooking experience. The various modes allow you to cook a wide range of delicious food items while eight temperature setting allows you to control the heat while cooking different kinds of food requiring varying temperature levels. The electromagnetic induction technology provides high heating efficiency and saves you a lot of time while cooking. Since there is no fire involved, the nutrients of the food being cooked remain intact to give you highly nutritious food without any inconvenience.
  • Energy Efficient
    The Philips HD4920 Induction Cooktop apart from being very user-friendly is also energy efficient which gives you lower power bills and a healthier cooking environment. The auto shut-off mechanism ensures energy is not consumed uselessly. The 1500-Watt induction cooker helps you save more up to 4 LPG cylinders which allow you to cut costs while enjoying efficient cooking.




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HD4920 1500-Watt


Induction Cooktop




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Power Consumption

1500 W


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1 Year Philips India Warranty