Phillips InfraPhil infrared lamp HP3616/01


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InfraPhil infrared lamp
150W HP3616/01


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  • Deep penetrating Infrared warmth
    Infrared light has been proven to effectively relieve aches and pains caused by muscular pains and stiff joints. The comfortable warmth created by infrared light penetrates deep into your skin, stimulates blood circulation and warms your muscles. As your muscles are soothed, they automatically loosen up and relax. Because it makes the tissue more pliable, warmth also reduces stiffness and makes joints more flexible.
  • 150 Watt infrared lamp with extra focus
    The Philips Infrared lamp has been optimized for pain relief in areas covering 20 x 30 cm for example shoulder, elbow, calf, or neck. The concentric rings help to focus the beams on a specific area.
  • Adjustable angle
    The infrared lamp can easily be positioned upto 40 degrees backwards.

150 W


220/230 or 240/250V V


50 Hz

Cord length

180 cm


Class II (double isolation)

Type pof lamps

PAR 38E, 150 W + prismatic rings for more focus

Lifetime of lamp

750 sessions of 10 minutes

Product dimensions

22.0×13.0x18.5 (HxWxD) cm

Product weight

1 kg

F-box dimensions

22.5×14.0x20.4 (HxWxD) cm

F-box weight

1 kg

A-box dimensions

24.0×28.8×62.4 (HxWxD) cm

A-box weight

6.4 kg

Qnt. on Euro pallet

192 pcs