Phillips MiniVac Handheld vacuum cleaner FC6130/01


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MiniVac Handheld vacuum cleaner
900 W FC6130/01


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  • Extra HEPA outlet filter to trap fine dust
    The extra HEPA outlet filter ensures that even the finest dust and microscopic vermin stay inside the Mini Vac, so only clean air will come out.
  • 900 Watt motor
    The powerful 900W motor ensures a very high suction power for a Mini Vac, for a great cleaning result.
  • Brush tool and flexible hose
    The flexible hose assures a comfortable reach and the brush tool ensures easy cleaning of delicate surfaces.
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Color Comfort

white and lime green

Design features

Translucent dust chamber

Dust capacity

0.4 L

Filter type


Filter system


Other accessories

Cord clip Flexible hose,Shoulder strap

Cord length

7 m

Airflow (max)

24.5 l/min

Input power (max)

900 W

Noise level (Lc IEC)

<84 dB

Suction power (max)

150 W

Vacuum (max)

15.5 kPa

Battery voltage

4.8 V


9 minute(s)

Dimensions of A-box (LxWxH)

475 x 345 x 440 mm

Appliances per A-box


Dimensions of packaging (LxWxH)

460 x 165 x 210 mm

Weight of product

2.2 kg